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Gano Coffee

Gano Coffee, or Gano Cafe as it´s officially named, is a unique gourmet black coffee blend consisting of Brazilian roast coffee beans and Ganoderma mushroom extract. Ganoderma (also known as Reishi, Ganoderma Lucidum and Reishi mushroom), has been used in Chinese medicine for 4,000 years. Known as "spirit medicine," Ganoderma is one of the oldest and most respected mushrooms used in medicine.

Gano Coffee, which includes Ganoderma mushroom extract, brings many positive benefits into your home and straight to your kitchen table. An increase in oxygen to the brain, weight balance, improved sleep patterns, PH balance and improved blood circulation are among the many benefits for Gano Coffee connoisseurs. In addition, Gano Coffee is thought to strengthen the immune system. A properly functioning immune system is designed to detect and fight against viruses and other bacteria before any harm is caused to the body. Therefore, Gano Coffee, like the Ganoderma mushroom, is also thought to promote longevity. Ganoderma may also prevent the reoccurrence of cancer, which further proves it´s ability to strengthen the immune system.


Ganoderma, one of the main ingredients in Gano Coffee, has provided aid to a wide variety of illnesses, including HIV/AIDS, diabetes, allergies, disorders of the lungs and liver, stress and coronary disorders. Ganoderma, itself, promotes an overall improvement in mental health. In addition, patients have often looked to Ganoderma for cosmetic improvements dealing with acne problems, fine lines, age spots and the repair of sun damaged skin.

 As mentioned earlier, this herb has been known to aid patients who suffer from stress related symptoms. One such symptom is that of fatigue, which Gano Coffee helps to avoid by giving it´s consumer an increase in energy throughout the day and a peaceful night´s sleep in the evening. In addition, Gano Coffee contains less caffeine than decaffeinated coffee products, which makes it less addicting while improving health at the same time.

It is not known whether Gano Coffee possesses each of the healing capabilities as that of a medical Ganoderma treatment, but Gano Coffee has many benefits all it´s own. The absence of side effects combined with a natural healing ability have helped "The World´s First Healthy Coffee," as it´s known, to make quite a splash in coffee cups all over the world.

Gano Coffee can be found in some specialty stores, but is more readily available on the internet. Any persons who decide to begin a treatment involving Ganoderma should expect to experience some type of reaction, which may appear within a few days or months following the onset of treatment. This article should, in no way, be considered as medical advice or instructions. A licensed medical doctor should be consulted before beginning any new treatment regimen, including that which consists of Ganoderma. These are some of the ganoderma coffee benefits that are now available to you.


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