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Ganoderma Coffee

We have all heard that coffee is bad for our health. What if I told you that coffee can be good for you? What If I told you about a coffee that is substantially lower in caffeine than commercially processed decaf coffees, yet gives you all the rich flavour and even more energy than fully-caffeinated coffee? What if I told you that this coffee might actually improve your sleep, balance your PH, increase oxygen to your brain, help balance your weight, and boost your overall health so efficiently that you can feel the benefits almost immediately?

What if I told you that this is REAL coffee (not a coffee substitute) grown and processed organically without the use of chemicals, pesticides, hormones or artificial fertilizers? What if I told you that this coffee actually helps to remove toxins from your body, and with every cup you drink, you can feel better and realize increasing health benefits? And, what if this particular coffee tastes good, really good?

You can guess by now that we are talking about:

 Ganoderma Coffee

This is perhaps the first time that you can tell the whole family to "have a cup of coffee" and know that it is loaded with health giving properties which make this great for even the kids, it is also available in a Tea and Cocoa beverage!

 Ganoderma Coffee
Ganoderma Coffee

In fact, children who drink the decaf chocolate beverage may be sleeping more soundly and focusing better in school. And, this gourmet product, grown and produced without chemicals and pesticides.

 Ganoderma Products
Range of readily available Ganoderma Products

How can Ganoderma Coffee be healthy?

Very Low Caffeine Regular coffee has approximately 135 mg of caffeine.

Tea has approximately 50 mg of caffeine.

A Diet Coke has 46 mg of caffeine.

One ounce of dark chocolate has 22 mg of caffeine.

Ganoderma Coffee has just 9 mg of caffeine.

Non-Acidic Coffee is too acidic, so unfortunately many people must avoid coffee or limit the number of cups they drink in a day.

Most coffee has a pH of 5.5

Ganoderma Coffee has a neutral pH between 7.3 and 7.5



Ganoderma Coffee is only one of the products that contain this fasinating substance Ganoderma. You can also purchase products ranging from  Toothpastes and Beverages and there are a lot of Ganoderma coffee benefits.

There is also currently a business opportunity available where you can purchase these products at wholesale prices for your self or you can even sell these products to family and friends. With the fantastic healing properties of this elixer you can easily imagine getting a lot of repeat orders from your friends and family . For more information look here: To be announced.

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