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Ganoderma Lucidum Reishi

Ganoderma lucidium Reishi has positive drug enhancing effects. It is bracket fungi. This mushroom grows in the tropical as well as temperate regions. It has a global distribution and can be found in Americas, Africa, Europe and Asia. It grows as a parasite on the trees drawing food from the dead or decaying wood. Its traditional name is Lingzhi and has been used as a part of Chienese herbology and traditional medicine from 4000 years.

Its history records are excellent. This mushroom has major health advantages. It has proven to be effective in enhancing conditions from fatigue to blood clots.


Ganoderma lucidium Reishi has been seen to have harmless and non-toxic consequences even when administered in high dosages to animals and human beings. However, you should be aware of some side effects. Although these side effects are quite uncommon. Some of them include dizziness, dry mouth, throat, and nose. It can cause your stomach to be upset and may cause diarrhea. Sometimes it may cause dermatitis.

Usually these side effects disappear within a week’s time. Sometimes they show after a prolonged period of intake.The diarrhea can be avoided if it is taken with food and some sort of vitamin C supplement. At times you will see allergic reactions due to Ganoderma ingestion. In case it is becoming a problem, discontinue the usage and consult a doctor.

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Of course you must not consume this herb if you are allergic to mushrooms..

High doses of Ganoderma Lucidum Reishi has enhanced the effects of anti-hypersensitive medications, hypoglycemic medications and anti-coagulant medications. Hence, in case you already consuming these medicines, then take the advice of your doctor if you want to continue taking this herb.


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