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Ganoderma Lucidum Reishi
Ganoderma lucidium Reishi has positive drug enhancing effects. It is bracket fungi. This mushroom grows in the tropical as well as temperate regions. It has a global distribution and can be found in Americas, Africa, Europe and Asia. It grows as a parasite on the trees drawing food from the dead or decaying wood.

Ganoderma And Prostate Cancer
More fantastic news about the potential healing powers of ganoderma. Research conducted at the University of Haifa have found that molecules that are found within the Ganoderma mushroom help to aid in the suppression of some of the mechanics that help the progression of prostate cancer.

Gano Cafe
Gano Café, also known as Ganoderma Coffee, is the official name for a gourmet black coffee combined of Brazilian coffee beans and Ganoderma mushroom extract. Gano Café is the first beverage to combine coffee with Ganoderma which the Chinese have used for 1000's of years as a medicine. Ganoderma was once very scarce and expensive.

Ganoderma - Helping Keep The Body Safe
Dxn is a company that harvests these unique mushrooms at two stages in their growth cycle. The mushroom is first harvested when it is only 18 days old, at this stage they aren't even in the "mushroom form" that we are used to seeing, they are more a web or roots. These are known mycelium.

Ganoderma Coffee 300 Cups A Day?
Do you like secrets? Well if your a coffee lover I think I have one for you that you are going to love. It's called Ganoderma Coffee and is a tasty, full flavoured alternative to your normal cup of coffee and whats more, it's even healthy for you! With America chugging down a reported 300 million cups of coffee per day it's easy to see that coffee is no small time commodity but as you know there are 2 sides to every coin.

Gano Independent Distributors
Gano Independent Distributors are made up of a select group of individuals who have chosen to share Ganoderma products with the world. Gano Excel, the company who distributes and markets a number of herbal products and is said to have the world’s largest organic Ganoderma plantation, offers a generous compensation plan to individuals and business owners who wish to become a part of the Gano Independent Distributors network.

Gano Excel Products
Gano Excel is a Ganoderma product distributor, which has corporate offices throughout many parts of the world. Gano Excel products contain Ganoderma, which is one of the oldest and most respected mushrooms used in medicine.

Gano Coffee
Gano Coffee, or Gano Cafe as it´s officially named, is a unique gourmet black coffee blend consisting of Brazilian roast coffee beans and Ganoderma mushroom extract.

Reishi Mushrooms
Reishi mushrooms, or Ganoderma Lucidum as they are biologically named, have been used as medicinal treatments in China for 4,000 years. Known as "spirit medicine,"

Reishi Ganoderma
Reishi Ganoderma is a form of mushroom that has been used to treat various medical conditions, in China, for 4,000 years. Known as "spirit medicine," the Reishi Ganoderma is one of the oldest and most respected mushrooms used in medicine.

Gano Healthy Coffee
Is there really a healthy coffee that tastes good? Well yes there us. The Ganoderma range of coffees and beverages are a collection of delicious, healthy blends which include the remarkable Ganoderma extract which is known to fortify the bodys immune system which helps provide more energy and vigor, while reducing fatigue.

Discovering Ganoderma Healing Properties
How long have you been suffering due to a specific illness like high blood pressure, diabetes, or heart problem? If you are not at the moment, how do you know that you will not suffer from any disease like cancer or paralysis in the future?

Ganoderma Lucidum The Wonder Herb
One of the most apparent influences modern times has contributed to masses is their realization of going back to the basic principles, to the natural, and to the organic.

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