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Healthy Gano Coffee?

Is there really a healthy coffee that tastes good? Well yes there us. The Ganoderma range of coffees and beverages are a collection of delicious, healthy blends which include the remarkable Ganoderma extract which is known to fortify the bodys immune system which helps provide more energy and vigor, while reducing fatigue. In fact, the Gano Healthy Coffee is quickly becoming internationally reknown. But in reality how does it compare to regular over the counter coffees that are widely available? once you have tried it the differnce will become clear!


You may already be a lover of fine coffee but deep down you know all that coffee may not be so good for you .Excess amount of caffeine may lead to the following side affects heart rate, diuresis (excessive urination), nausea and vomiting, restlessness, anxiety, depression, tremors, and difficulty sleeping. Well with Gano Healthy Coffee you no longer have to worry about this as Gano Healthy Coffee contains only 9mg's of caffeine per cup compared to the standard 135 mg's per cup found in regular coffee, a big difference you will agree!

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 Asides from the rich full flavoured Brazilian coffee the Gano Healthy Coffee contains powerful Ganoderma Lucidum extract which is highly regarded by the Chinese as the 'Miraculous King of Herbs'. Ganoderma Lucidum is reported to strengthens the body's immune system,provide more energy & vigor with less fatigue,rejuvenates and makes you feel younger and more alert and unlike regular coffee this Gano Healthy Coffee will help you have a good nights sleep.

Gano Healthy Coffee gives you the jumpstart to your day... without the caffeine!! Gano Cafe gives you an energy boost that lasts for hours - not from caffeine, but from the ancient healthy ingredient Ganoderma Lucidum, revered for centuries for it's amazing properties.

Gano healthy coffee also allows you to enjoy the full-bodied flavor you expect in a premium instant coffee, and feel invigorated, without the possible harsh side-effects of "quitting" coffee or sacrificing the taste you expect and love.Gano Heathy Coffee gives you that 'lift' you expect from coffee while minimizing the potential negative health effects caused from excessive caffeine consumption. Together with the powerful healthy elixr properties of the Ganoderma Lucidum, you will never have to wonder if you should have that cup of coffee again.

So Gano Healthy Coffee exists?

Yes it exists and by all accounts this really is a coffee that can have beneficial effects on ones health, there are numerous testimonials floating around the internet about Gano Healthy Coffee but the reality is it doesn't matter what anyone else tells you , the only way you can truly decide is if you try some yourself.

Find your nearest Gano Healthy Coffee distibutor to sample some of this wonderous coffee.



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