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Ganoderma Spore

Every summer and autumn, the Ganoderma fruit body ripen, it releases Spore powder. The most precious part of Ganoderma is Ganoderma Spore. This Spore Powder refers to the seeds of Ganoderma Plant that are released by the Ganoderma Fruit Body once it reaches maturity. Like the pollen of flowers, it contains all the essence medicinal and biological properties with very high curative power. A spore was found to be 75 times greater efficacy than that of the Ganoderma Body which is proved by the Scientist. 1000kg Ganoderma can only extract 1kg spore powder.

The spore is a powdery substance and the quintessence of Ganoderma. The spore is released in its mature period. As a powerful supplement in diseases prevention and treatment, Ganoderma spore is very rare and valuable.

Spore Magnified 3000X

Ganoderma Spore has a tough shell or 'husk', therefore, raw Spore are not easily digested and absorbed by the body system to effect healing. Recent scientific breakthrough allows an effective method to be developed for removing the hard shell of the Spore aiding absorbsion by the human body - delivering the full medical value of the spore.

 Broken Spore
Broken Spore Magnified 15000X


Pharmacological experiments have indicated that the spore has a very strong ability to bring a magnificent effect in alternative cancer treatment and other diseases treatment. Some of these compounds can not be found in Ganoderma strain or Ganoderma extracts. This is why the spore has more power and unique functions than Ganoderma strain or its extracts.

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