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Gano Independent Distributors

Gano Independent Distributors are made up of a select group of individuals who have chosen to share Ganoderma products with the world. Gano Excel, the company who distributes and markets a number of herbal products and is said to have the world's largest organic Ganoderma plantation, offers a generous compensation plan to individuals and business owners who wish to become a part of the Gano Independent Distributors network.

In order to become one of the many Gano Independent Distributors, you must first be sponsored by one of the other Gano Independent Distributors. Upon confirmation, Gano Excel sends out a starter kit for all new sellers and businesses, which includes a company and product profile, marketing plan and an informational kit about Ganoderma. Gano Independent Distributors are responsible for the marketing and selling of Ganoderma products, which are distributed through Gano Excel. Products available include a gourmet coffee known as Gano Café, cookies, crackers, chocolates, mocha, oats and even tea. A wide range of skin care products are also available, including face and body creams, lotions, soap, body wash, shampoo and conditioner and even lipstick. GE-Clean, a laundry powder, is also made available.


Gano Excel pays it's customers and Gano Independent Distributors a rebate every time products are purchased, regardless of whether it be for personal consumption or for resale. Through their compensation plan, Gano Independent Distributors have the potential to receive generous profits, rebates, bonuses, quarterly sharing pool bonuses to top sellers, inclusion in a Luxury Incentive Program and the potential for travel opportunities.

Gano Independent Distributors enjoy being their own boss while marketing products that are thought to have many health benefits.

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Ganoderma, the main ingredient in Gano Excel products, is a mushroom that has been used in Chinese medicine for 4,000 years.

Known as "spirit medicine," Ganoderma was once very rare but is now more accessible due to the process of indoor growing. Gano Independent Distributors may find it informative to know that Ganoderma has been used to treat a variety of illnesses, including cancer, diabetes, lung and liver disorders, HIV/AIDS, stress, allergies and coronary disorders. There is no claim that each of the products distributed by Gano Excel, or Gano Independent Distributors, carry the same healing abilities as a medicinal Ganoderma treatment. However, Ganoderma is considered to promote better health and longevity wherever present.

Any persons who decide to begin a treatment involving Ganoderma should expect to experience some type of reaction, which may appear within a few days or months following the onset of treatment. This article should, in no way, be considered as medical advice or instructions. A licensed medical doctor should be consulted before beginning any new treatment regimen, including that which consists of Ganoderma.


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