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Ganoderma And Prostate Cancer

More fantastic news about the potential healing powers of ganoderma. Research conducted at the University of Haifa have found that molecules that are found within the Ganoderma mushroom help to aid in the suppression of some of the mechanics that help the progression of prostate cancer. They have found the main benefit of the Ganoderma Mushroom is that it disrupts androgen receptor behaviours and helps to impeed the spread of cancerous cells.

A lot of research has been conducted over the last 3-4 decades about the way in which certain fungi have amazing medicinal properties. One of the most important areas of research are the way that these fungi can help combat cancer and help boost the immune system.


According to one of the researchers, prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers found through out the world. This particular cancer is controlled by adnrogen receptors, particullarily at the early stages of the disease. This is why all current medications that are used to help beat prostate cancer work by trying to reduce the manufacture of androgens or at the very least they interfere with their function through the androgen receptors.

The researchers tested 201 organic extracts from over 68 different types of fungus. Out of the 201 choosen extracts there was only 11 that were found to successfully deter androgen receptor activity in excess of 40%

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 Additional testing of 169 extracts that were tested for cancer cell inhibition found that 14 of the extracts were indeed successfull in inhibiting prostate cancer cells Out of all the successful extracts the Ganoderma Lucidum ones were found to be the best at inhibiting the adrogen receptors and controling the development of cancerous cells. The researchers concluded that bioactive metabolites manufactured from Ganoderma could indeed yeild an anti prostate cancer drug.


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