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Ganoderma - Helping Keep The Body Safe

Dxn is a company that harvests these unique mushrooms at two stages in their growth cycle. The mushroom is first harvested when it is only 18 days old, at this stage they aren't even in the "mushroom form" that we are used to seeing, they are more a web or roots. These are known mycelium. Dxn gathers these mycelium and grounds them to make a powder which it puts into its capsules and sell them as GL or Ganocelium. The second part of the harvest is done when the Ganoderma mushrooms have matured (roughly 90-100 day old). These too are ground down into a powder and put in capsules and marketed as Reishi Ganoderma.

Now these two capsules vary in the way the give the human body benefits.They both contain high levels of Organic Germanium and Polysaccharides which makes Ganoderma so unique and effective. While there are a lot of other herbs that may contain these elements there is not one that contains the levels that the single ganoderma mushroom does, yet another reason why Ganoderma is so well respected.


Polysaccharides are thought to increase your bodies antibody count which in turn boosts your immune system and assists in elimiating viruses. Ganoderma is also thought to be a detoxifying agent which can help reduce blood sugar levels there by helping your pancreas.

Germanium is thought to regualate blood flow and increase the amount of oxygen that the body can absorb. It is also thought to regualate electrical charges in ones body as well as increasing metabolism.

Ganocelium contains high levels of Ribonuleic Acid which is thought to disrupt viral deseases. It has an effective histamine inhibitor known as Oleic Acid but it also has another histamine inhibitor known as Cyclo Octasulfur. An immuno modulator know as LZ-8 is also present.Ganocelium contains four times the amount of Germanium and Polysaccharides than Reishi Ganoderma.

Reishi Ganoderma contains other elements such as Adenosine which is know to lower cholestrol and fat that may occur in our blood. It also is though to balance the pH levels in our blood as help inhibit platelet aggulation which will help prevent blockages. Ganoderic Acid which is also present aids in histamine release which can help in any reactions to allergic reactions. Ganoderic Essence is thought to be regenerator assisting in the repair of our skin and tissue.

Ganoderma is know as a adaptogen which means that it has no known side effects. It's non specifc meaning it helps the entire body. Users or Ganocelium and Reishi Ganoderma have reported a wide range of benefits both physically and mentally as it silently helps balance our bodys systems.






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